Landmark Commission



The commission consists of nine members appointed for three-year terms. All members must have a demonstrated interest, competence, and/or knowledge in historic preservation. To the extent available in the community, the commission shall include professional members representing such disciplines as architecture, law, real estate brokerage, banking, history, and/or other fields relating to historic preservation. The commission shall also have a minimum of one representative from each local historic district or other designated area that falls within the design review jurisdiction of the commission.

  • Isobel McGowan
    Term expires on October 27, 2023
  • Gracia Pinzino
    Term expires on August 10, 2026
  • Marshall White
    Term expires on June 25, 2025
  • Carole Cline, Vice-Chair
    Term expires on January 25, 2025
  • Jim W. Dierberger
    Term expires on September 29, 2026
  • Trevor Tutt, Chairman
    Term expires on June 25, 2024
  • Greg Hall
    Term expires on June 25, 2024
  • Alec Jennings
    Term expires on October 21, 2025
  • John Rodgers
    Term expires on February 22, 2025

About the Landmark Commission:

  • Prepares a comprehensive inventory of local historical resources
  • Holds public hearings on the commission’s intent to recommend designation of a historic landmark or historic district to the City Council
  • Makes recommendations to the City Council concerning the adoption of ordinances concerning designation of historical districts, acquisition of such landmarks and districts, and the imposition of other restrictions for the purposes of historic preservation
  • Holds public hearings relative to the application for a certificate of appropriateness
  • Endeavors to increase public awareness of the value of historic, architectural, and cultural preservation by developing and participating in public information programs
  • Makes recommendations to the City Council concerning the procurement and utilization of grants from federal and state agencies, private groups, and individuals and the utilization of budgetary appropriations to promote the preservation of historic landmarks or historic districts
  • Evaluates and forwards its comments to the City Council concerning decisions by other public agencies that affect the physical development and land use patterns in the city
  • Recommends to the City Council the purchase of an essential structure where private preservation is not feasible; documents any recommendations forwarded to the City Council as to the criteria on which such recommendations are based and the application of the criteria to the facts involved; and performs any other functions which may be designated by ordinance of the City Council

Agendas and Minutes for the Landmark Commission