Boards & Commissions

Board and Commission Application for Appointment

If you are interested in serving on a board or commission, please fill out this application and the City Clerk's Office will contact you. You can also print off the form (PDF) to fill out and return it to the City Clerk's Office. 

Nomination Process

The city of St. Joseph has implemented changes to the process utilized to nominate and elect members of city boards and commissions. The process is designed to make the public more aware of board and commission service opportunities and collect information about candidates for the community and City Council to consider when a nomination has been made. The process will work as follows:

  1. Upcoming Opportunities List. On a monthly basis, City staff will develop an “Upcoming Opportunities” list that will be distributed publicly. That list will identify any vacancies that are anticipated two months in the future. For example, an Upcoming Opportunities list will be created on October 1 for vacancies that are expected to be filled in December.
  2. Application Period. Citizens will be given one month to submit applications. For example, applications for December appointments must be filed by November 1. The application must include name, address, boards and commissions of interest, and qualifications to serve. 
  3. Applicant List. Applications for each board and commission will remain on file for two years as part of an applicant list maintained by the City Clerk. An applicant who has filed an application will not need to file an application again for two years. After two years, applications will be purged. Due to resource constraints, applicants will not be notified that their applications have been purged, but they can call the City Clerk’s office at any time to verify application status. Applications and names on the applicant list will be public records. 
  4. Nominee Selection. City Council members have been assigned to nominate members for particular boards and commissions. The assigned City Council members will have an opportunity to review the applicant list and select a nominee from the list. City Council members will maintain the ability to select a nominee that is not on the list, but staff will recommend that the nominee fill out the application to enable the remainder of the City Council to understand the nominee’s interest and qualifications.

Selected nominees must be submitted to the City Clerk at least 14 days before the City Council meeting during which the nomination will be approved. The City Clerk will verify residency, confirm the resident does not owe money to the City, and verify other requirements associated with individual board or commission membership. The City Clerk will prepare a nomination letter for distribution to the City Council. The nomination letter must be filed seven days before the City Council meeting at which the nomination will be considered. The nomination will become final when placed on the City Council agenda on Thursday before a City Council meeting. 

The new process will require 60-90 days to complete a nomination.


The City of St. Joseph's boards and commissions rely on voluntary service by citizens of St. Joseph. Each board and commission has specific prerequisites for membership.

Except as otherwise specifically provided by state law, the charter, or by ordinance of the city, all boards and commissions established shall consist of five members for a term of five years. No member of a board or commission who has served a full five-year term shall be eligible to immediately succeed himself.


Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term of any members whose terms become vacant. Members shall be residents of the city, be qualified voters in the city, shall reside in the city during their term of office, shall take the oath prescribed for city officials and shall serve without compensation.


Members of boards and commissions, except as otherwise specifically provided by state law or this code, may be removed by a majority vote of the entire council, provided that any member so removed shall, if the member so requests, have a hearing by the council before such removal. The motion to remove shall be filed by any member of the council at least seven days prior to the next council meeting at which the removal is to be made. The request for hearing shall be filed by the affected board or commission member at least two days prior to the next council meeting at which the removal is to be made. Grounds for removal of members, although not deemed exclusive, may be that the member:

  • Lacks at any time during the member's term of appointment any qualifications for the board or commission membership prescribed by the charter or by law
  • Is absent from three consecutive meetings, regardless if the meetings are regularly scheduled or specially called


  • Except as otherwise provided by state law, the charter, or this code, all boards created pursuant to this division shall function in an advisory capacity only. Such boards may, from time to time, submit recommendations to the city manager and the council. The city manager shall be supplied with an information copy of any recommendations, which are directed to the council in writing.


Except as otherwise provided by state law, the charter, or this code, all boards and commissions created pursuant to this division shall designate an individual to keep sufficiently detailed minutes of each meeting conducted by said board or commission. Said minutes shall be filed in the office of the city clerk within 30 days of the meeting to which they relate. The city clerk shall retain said minutes for a period of five years.