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Reporting Suspicious Narcotics Activity

  1. Reporting Suspicious Narcotics Activity
    If you suspect illegal narcotics activity is going on in your area, or if you have information on subjects with felony warrants, or stolen property, please fill out this form and the information will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel for follow-up. This is not an official Police Incident Report. If you are reporting a crime please call 911. If you want to report a tip over the phone, please call the Crimestoppers Tip line at 816-238-8477. We ask for an email address in case we need to contact you.
  2. Your Contact Information
  3. Primary Location
  4. Identity of Persons Involved
  5. Person Number One
  6. Person Number Two
  7. Person Number Three
  8. Vehicle Description
  9. Vehicle #1
  10. Vehicle #2
  11. Vehicle #3
  12. Vehicle #4
  13. Method of Operation
  14. Fortification
  15. Selling To
  16. Selling From
  17. Other Comments
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