Scavenger Hunts

Monthly Scavenger Hunt

Every month, 12 items will be hidden indoors, throughout the Remington Nature Center. Children (of all ages) & families can do the scavenger hunt anytime during regular business hours. Just ask at the front desk and we'll give you an answer sheet, so you can write down where you find the items. Once all 12 items have been found, "hunters" will get a sticker and a small prize. Hidden items and prizes change every month!

Nature Scavenger Hunt along the Missouri River

Go exploring with our OUTDOOR SCAVENGER HUNT! Most scavenger hunts ask you to find something and turn it in. This scavenger hunt is different - it asks you and/or your group to find things that can't or shouldn't be turned in. A sound, a sight, an experience - these are the thing you will be hunting for!

Bring the Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Check List (PDF) with you to the Remington Nature Center. Walk around the Nature Center and take a stroll down the Riverwalk trail and see how many plants and animals on the list you can find.


While you are exploring, please obey the following rules - 

  • Stay within three feet of either side of the trail
  • Pick up any litter that you see, unless it is broken glass, and dispose of it in the nearest trash can.
  • If you find something, leave it there for others to enjoy, and don’t bother any living creatures (Examples – If you find an insect, don't kill it & if you see a mammal, don’t feed it.)