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Vehicle or Equipment Additions/Deletions (Includes Rented or Leased)

  1. Vehicle or Equipment Additions/Deletions (Includes Rented or Leased)
    Welcome to the City of St. Joseph’s Online Vehicle or Equipment Addition/Deletion Report. Use this form to report the Addition or Deletion of any City vehicle or other City equipment. The intent of this form is to ensure that appropriate insurance is obtained or discontinued as necessary. Submission of this form does not replace any department’s existing procedures related to newly acquired or deleted vehicles or equipment. Note: This is an official report. Please review all entries for accuracy prior to selecting the “Submit” option. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. Please contact Risk Management at 236-1478 if you have any questions. YOU MUST CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE IN ORDER FOR THE REPORT TO BE SUBMITTED PROPERLY.
  2. i.e. Cab & Chassis, passenger car, tractor mower, etc...
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  4. Was another vehicle or equipment traded in on this purchase?
  5. Has the vehicle been modified with special equipment?
  6. Is the increased value included in the purchase price above?
  7. If the vehicle or equipment is leased or rented, are there any insurance requirements?
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