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Citizen Complaint Form

  1. Citizen Complaint Form
    The parent of a legally recognized juvenile may initiate a complaint and be present during subsequent interviews of his/her child. However, any adult citizen who is the primary complainant shall initiate his/her own complaint, unless extenuating circumstances prevent him/her from doing so. Primary complainants may advise members of any witnesses relevant to their present complaint. If any primary complainant refuses to be interviewed, the Internal Affairs investigator may close the case. Confidential Informants and Anonymous Complaints - The Chief of Police or designee may direct that a primary complainant be treated as a confidential informant, and accept an anonymous complaint. If such complainants appear to be credible, the subject member shall be advised of the circumstances of the complaint. However, the identity of the complainant shall not be divulged, subject to administrative review by the Chief of Police.
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    I understand it is a violation to willfully make a false report. In the event this report is proven false, the information may be provided to the District Attorney or City Prosecutor for possible prosecution. By clicking submit, I certify the statements in this form are true.
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