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Foster Family Information Form

  1. St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue Foster Family Form

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue directly at 271-4877.

  2. What is the best way to contact you? *
  3. Are you currently fostering for another organization besides the St. Joseph Animal Shelter?*
  4. How did you hear about our foster program?*
  5. Household Information
  6. Are there children in the home?*
  7. Are there cats in the household?*
  8. Are the cats up-to-date on their vaccines?
  9. Are your cats spayed and neutered?
  10. Are there dogs in the household?*
  11. Are the dogs up-to-date on their vaccines?
  12. Are your dogs spayed and neutered?
  13. Are you interested in fostering (check all that apply)*
  14. Do you have experience (please check all that apply)*
  15. Do you have experience socializing feral kittens?*
  16. If fostering a Mother and her kittens/puppies, or orphaned kittens/puppies, how long are you willing to do so?*
  17. Are you willing to ( please check all that apply)*
  18. Do you understand that in order to play an active role in the placement of the foster animals, you must work in collaboration with a qualified St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue trained staff member or volunteer to ensure that the new home meets our guidelines?*
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