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  1. St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue Cat Intake Form

  2. If you have found a stray cat, do not complete this form. You may call the shelter at 271-4877 and make an appointment to drop it off.

  3. Owner Information

  4. If assistance is available to help keep your cat, would you be willing to discuss this with an Animal Resource Representative?
  5. Animal Information

  6. What are you surrendering this cat? (check all that apply)*
  7. Is your cat spayed or neutered?
  8. Is your cat microchipped?
  9. How would you describe your cat? (check all that apply)
  10. Has your cat every bitten a person?*
  11. What your cat currently vaccinated for? (check all that apply)
  12. What type of food do you feed?
  13. Does your cat get along with dogs?
  14. Does your cat get along with other cats?
  15. Does your cat live with other animals?
  16. If yes, check all that apply:
  17. Describe your home environment. Select one:
  18. Has your cat been around children?
  19. Where does your cat spend most of its time?
  20. Is your cat litter box trained?
  21. Is your cat declawed?
  22. Where does your cat sleep? (check all that apply)
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