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Frederick Avenue Survey

  1. Frederick Avenue Corridor Survey
  2. Part I: Getting to Know You
  3. 10) I would like to see the following new businesses open in the Corridor (select 2 or more)
  4. 11) I would like to see the following dining establishments open in the corridor (select all that apply)
  5. 12) What road or sidewalk improvements would you like to see in the corridor?
  6. 13) If new housing is developed on Frederick, please select two types that you prefer:
  7. Part II: Neighborhood Concerns
  8. Part III: City Services
  9. Part IV: Involvement
  10. 5) There are several methods to slow traffic on busy roads. Please choose two that you think will work for Frederick:
  11. 7) What type of neighborhood or citywide communication would be helpful in getting information to you? Check your answer below.
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