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Commercial Construction Permit Application

  1. Commercial Construction Permit Application
    Required for all Commercial project submittals
  2. Scope of Project : (New building, building addition, Tenant finish, Fire sprinkler, etc. )
  3. Engineer/Designer/Architect
    (responsible for construction document(s)):
  4. (If known)
  5. (if known)
  6. $
  7. Is this facility a categorical industry?
  8. 6. Existing sidewalks on site?
  9. (ft2)
  10. (ft2)
  11. (ft2)
  12. (ft2)
  13. (ft2)
  14. (ft2)
  15. 11. Food preparation or commercial kitchen?
  16. 12. Will non-domestic (not sanitary) wastewater be discharged to the sewer?
  17. 13. Fire Sprinklers: Existing structure
  18. 14. Will any development occur within the 100-year floodplain?
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