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What supplies do I need to provide myself?

St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue will provide any basic supplies needed for the care of your foster animal(s) (e.g., food, cat litter, toys, bowls).

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1. How do I become a foster parent?
2. I found a litter of kittens. Can I foster them through your program?
3. What supplies do I need to provide myself?
4. Can my foster interact with my resident pets?
5. Can my children interact with the foster?
6. Do I have to have people come to my home?
7. If people come to my home and want to adopt my foster pet, what do they do next?
8. Who do I call for help?
9. Do my owned pets have to be up to date on their vaccines?
10. Do my owned pets have to be altered before I foster?
11. Can my owned pets come to St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue’s for care? Is there a discount?
12. What if I must leave town unexpectedly?