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The material in this question and answer series is for your information only. It is not legal advice and is not designed to be used in place of legal advice. You should consult your own attorney for legal advice. The St. Joseph Legal Department provides this series to provide a general summary of procedures concerning violations of city ordinances in the City of St. Joseph, Missouri. It is issued to inform generally, not to advise of specific rights. As with any general information, the answers given here may not specifically apply to you.
Why can't I talk to the City Prosecutor about my ticket over the phone?
Citations are formal and official proceedings. They require serious attention and require face to face communication. This is a protection for you because it helps prevent persons unrelated to the case from inquiring about the details of the case. It also allows the City Prosecutor to better identify the person he/she talked to regarding a case. Parking infractions are not handled by phone because of the high number of tickets and the minor fines involved. There are forms to protest a parking ticket if you believe you have received a parking ticket in error. To obtain a parking protest form, click on the link under Related Documents on the Legal page, or call Revenue Services at (816) 271-4760.

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4. When the Police Department indicates that it will be referring the case to the City Prosecutor, what steps do I need to take to follow up on the problem and the possibility of charges being filed?
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7. Why can't I talk to the City Prosecutor about my ticket over the phone?