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Puppies for Parole Program

Mar 13


Posted on March 13, 2020 at 4:22 PM by Brad Grasty

byron1Byron #591995 is a 1 1/2 year old welsh corgi/rat terrier mix.  He is a little guy at 20 lbs, but has everything it takes to be a great companion.  He likes lots of contact with people, is very entertaining, & with no prompting at all he will jump in your lap & snuggle up.  He gets along with all the dogs at the prison, & they are all bigger than he is!!  He is a good walker, is very obedient, & is house trained & kennel trained.  Byron likes to run outdoors, but is quite laid back when he comes inside.  If you are interested in meeting this very cute dog, please fill out an application, & call our volunteer, Kathy, for a meet & greet 816-752-2295.  Don’t forget to ask to see Byron’s trick where he plays dead.
Mar 04


Posted on March 4, 2020 at 8:35 AM by Brad Grasty

Bowie1Bowie #431160 is a 3 year old, 48 lb Aussie X who has many of the wonderful characteristics of this breed.  He is in the Puppies For Parole Program where his handler says he just has to introduce a new behavior once or twice for Bowie to learn it.  He has lots of energy & his favorite activities are playing ball & running laps.  He already walks nicely on a leash & has learned most of his commands. He plays with dogs but will also go off & do his own thing.  He is extremely obedient & has bonded quickly with his handlers.  He would do good in an active family, & might even be a good candidate for agility or obedience training.  Bowie gets along nicely with most dogs in the program, but has shown some dominance with a couple of them so a meet & greet that includes any resident pets is suggested.  If you are interested in this special dog, please fill out an application & call our volunteer, Kathy, 816-752-2295.
Feb 28


Posted on February 28, 2020 at 8:09 AM by Brad Grasty

Vance1Vance, 585522, is a darling young, 50 lb, 10 month old lab x who is in the Puppies For Parole program.  He is very playful with all the dogs, but will back off & leave if things get rough.  He loves playing games with people.  If there’s not a ball to be thrown, he will go pick up a rock & drop it in front of his handlers.  When it’s time to quiet down, Vance likes to cuddle & be close.  He is a very sensitive guy & a gentle touch is needed with any corrections.  He minds well, wants to please, is a quick learner & is housebroken.  Vance, obviously, has all the makings of a good family dog.  If you are interested in meeting him, please fill out an application & call our volunteer, Kathy, for a meet & greet 816-752-2295.