Short Term Goals

  • Increase funding efforts for Demolition/Preservation/Abatement programs.
  • Reduce blighted conditions that exist from vacant properties/structures through foreclosure efforts, marketing of property for private development – prior to Land Bank. 
  • Incentivize development of vacant parcels within existing neighborhoods already largely developed.
  • Inventory of existing vacant structures.
  • Educate public on process of fines for property maintenance violations.
  • Secure additional resources to maintain vacant lots and focus on weeds and trash on arterial streets.
  • Demolition of red tag structures in areas not eligible for historic district nomination.
  • Dedicated Neighborhood Services Coordinator to provide assistance to neighborhoods.
  • Create Voluntary Rental Inspection Program.
  • Promote existing dedicated call in number to provide opportunity to better handle resident complaints.
  • Implement vacant structure fee or legal vacant structure permit.
  • Identify target neighborhoods to work with School District to support clean-up efforts.
  • Examine mandatory trash collection and reduction of trash haulers in residential neighborhoods.
  • Create a Landlord Ordinance to address a Rental Housing Inspection Program.
  • Identify top 10 historic structures to rehab/stabilize.

Long Germ Goals

  • Increase homeownership in inner City and target neighborhoods through re-use of vacant lots and vacant structures.
  • Preserve and promote the character and assets of historic neighborhoods.
  • Implementation of Trash Collection Program.
  • Neighborhood initiatives with organized Neighborhood Associations on infrastructure improvements - including sidewalks, street and alley improvements, street lighting, and aesthetic improvements.
  • Revitalization of Downtown St. Joseph and adaptive re-use and enhancement of riverfront.
  • Provide additional City public incentives (non-federal) to help preserve historically significant residential structures.
  • Improve Downtown St. Joseph, King Hill Avenue, Frederick Avenue, and St. Joseph Avenue corridors by reducing blighting influences and providing incentives to empower property owners to improve the appearance of their properties.
  • Create a cleaner community through repair and securing or demolition of structurally unsafe and abandoned structures.
  • Develop Landlord training and support programs.
  • Coordinate with public works to work out the logistics for streetscape improvement plan.
  • Consider implementing impact fees to help incentivize infill development.
  • Study concept of reduced permit fees in target areas to promote private development.