Water Protection

The water protection division, of the public works & transportation department, works to protect public health and the environment by providing around-the-clock operation and maintenance of the city's wastewater treatment system. In order to achieve this goal, the combined efforts of all water protection subdivisions is required. Together, the operations, laboratory and maintenance subdivisions assure that the citizens of St. Joseph receive the best quality of service and that all Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency regulations are strictly adhered to.

Treating Hauled Waste

In addition to the domestic and industrial wastewater that is pumped to the water protection facility, the facility also receives and treats hauled waste. Each month, approximately 200,000 gallons of septage from septic tanks, grease traps, and industrial storage tanks are offloaded at the facilities septage receiving station from tanker trucks operated by licensed private contractors.

Sewer Maintenance

The Sewer Maintenance Division maintains all city sewers. These include both storm and sanitary sewers. Maintenance includes cave-ins, mainline problems, manholes, and inlets.

Sewer Backup

If you have a sewer backup, call 236-1485 and a crew will respond as soon as possible, 24/7. Once the cause of the blockage is determined, work will begin immediately if the problem can be remedied. A sewer report of any property damages along with photos will be completed. If the problem falls to the property owner, they will be notified to contact a private sewer service company.

If the problem is one that has happened on other occasions, the main sewer line will be televised to determine what may be causing it. If the problem is the city's responsibility, repairs will be made. If the problem falls to the property owner, they are notified to correct. If no apparent problems are found, the address is placed on our problem area list and checked annually.